Teton Rock Climbs

A Digital Guidebook by Aaron Gams

Rock climbing in Grand Teton National Park has become easier to navigate with Teton Rock Climbs, a digital climbing guide to the Teton mountain range of Wyoming. With up to 40 photos per route, this CD-ROM climbing guidebook database contains over 60 climbing routes to facilitate typically challenging approaches, route-finding and descents of routes while mountain climbing in Grand Teton National Park.Crack climbing on Teton granite.

This interactive guidebook of selected technical rock climbing and mountain climbing routes provide climbing enthusiasts with a comprehensive multi-dimensional tool to foster a more intricate understanding than paper-bound books can offer. The software provides fluent information retrieval through access to several different 'pages' from each current page shown. Several ways to search and sort routes include: route name, location, difficulty, aspect, trailhead, route base elevation and elevation gain. Upon selecting a route, an informational page appears containing detailed text accompanying up to 30 photographs of the approach, route and descent, several additional overview photos of the route, three viewing choices of topographic maps, trailhead information and gear considerations.

Rock quality, aesthetics and unique features comprise the selection criteria for the 60+ climbing routes in the database. Ranging from short grade I to full-day grade IV climbs, the routes in the database are evenly distributed from sub-5th class scrambling through the difficulty ratings between 5.6 - 5.10, with a few 5.11's. Classic routes such as Irenes ArÍte, The Snaz, Exum Ridge, Owen-Spalding, Koven Couloir, Open Book, Baxter's Pinnacle, Symmetry Spire, South Buttress Right and many more are included, along with many other less-traveled routes of excellent rock.

Printable route information includes text, route photographs and topographic maps. The captions for each photo are written to seamlessly "stand-alone" in paragraph form. Unique topographic route overlay maps layer topographic maps over opaque route photos, highlighting crucial landmarks and adding realistic depth to the map.